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List of products by brand Hey Dude

Born in Italy, raised in the world.

Hey Dude's are the perfect shoes for climbers. They are quick to take off or put on, which comes in handy if your outside on the rock, just coming down of your boulder project and quickly slip on your Hey Dude's.

Hey Dude was founded in 2008 through the strong desire of creating a lightweight, comfy shoe that looks great and is affordable to everyone. This should become the standard in footwear and not the occasional "oh ill treat my feet good today". Hey Dude have made their shoe so practical your not going to want anything else. First off all, the choice seems endless, so many different models, colours, styles. Second, the weight factor makes them perfect for traveling, you wont even notice you packed them. Finally, they allow you to remove and exchange insoles, fighting any bad smell that might form over time.