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In 1980 Pavel Hendrych, who later on founds Ocun, takes up climbing and begins to improve the existing climbing gear.

In 1988 he designs and manufactures his first harness that is mainly made up of decommissioned drogue parachutes that he still had from his military service.

In 1992, while staying in Siberia, he and his friend Evgeni Ovchinnikov develop their first climbing shoe, called "the feather"

In 1998, Ocun was founded. They had great vision and provided a product unseen at the time, boulder-mats or as we know it today crash pads. At the time nobody expected this new form of climbing to go anywhere. 

As the years followed, Ocun further diversified and developed their range of products. They now also make their own ropes, clothes, carabiners, they have their own shoe rubber and much more.