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ClimbOn has a huge range of products all meant to bring balance back to your system using natures finest ingredients. In climbing these products have become very popular because skin care is a major factor in this sport and can make the difference between sending your project or looking at the rock without a clue. 

ClimbOn was invented by Polly Glasse in 1995/96, after her house burned down she decided to take her hobby and make a living of it. Ever from the beginning the main value of Polly and the company was to produce skincare products with no synthetic ingredients, and suitable for our planet and all animals who habitat it! They use plant butters, vegetable and fruit oil, plant based waxes rather than synthetic products with the idea that planet earth knows best and is best for bringing balance back to your organism. This is extremely important in the climbing community, especially since a lot of climbers spend hours and days on the rock/crag having to treat their fingers, and what better way to take care of your skin in nature than with nature based products, it just connects you to the rock, forest and your natural environment. They also choose food-grade over cosmetic grade ingredients because of the connection with mother earth and their soothing effect on your body.