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When talking about Antworks the company, how THEY produce their gear, what material do THEY use, who is in charge of design, manufacturing etc well the answer to ALL these questions is Christian.


Christian has been working on and designing climbing related training equipment for the past 20 years. Antworks has been established in October 2012 and it all started in Christian's garage thanks to his passion for the sport. He now has several product designer awards that help him pursue the goal of developing artistic boards with high performance potential.  Christian comes up with innovative ideas himself and takes note of what the climbers using his products have to say.

baseHe is still today the only man in manufacturing them, so if you have any Antwork product sitting at home or hanging on your wall, you can be sure that it passed through Christians hands. The advantage of Antworks is the fact that the climber can combine the different products and training tools to meet his/her specific needs. 

With just as little as three of their training tools you can train basically everything, finger strength on the ANT III Fingerboard, shoulders and back can be trained using the attachable pull up bar and finally don't ignore the antagonist, pecs and lats can be trained with the parallettes. Everything made of finger and skin friendly wood.