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Cafe Kraft - Gimme Kraft Parallettes
The Gimme Kraft Parallettes are a superb tool for your home training. With these you can do...
€99.95 Price
Lapis - Rollyballs XL
Another pioneering product from LapisTM are RollyballsTM. The spherical shape of the product...
€84.00 Regular price -30% €120.00 Price
Black Diamond - Forearm Trainer
The Forearm Trainer is an essential companion for warm-up or travel between sessions.
€6.50 Price
Cafe Kraft - Gimme Kraft Book
In this climbing training book from Cafe Kraft you will find more than 80 exercises for the...
€29.95 Price
Antworks - Strong Ant III
What kind of training can it be used for? Advanced climbing and boulder training Strong Ant 3 was...
€134.95 Price
Antworks - Ant Hill 63
Unlike our vertical pegboards, this board is installed horizontally. Therefore it is not only...
€114.95 Price
Antworks - Rotant Sphere
The Rotant Sphere from Antworks is a great training and warm-up tool. It can be used any where...
€49.00 Price
Beastmaker 1000
The Beastmaker 1000 hangboard has been ergonomically designed for the hands of those who are a...
€119.95 Price
Beastmaker 2000
The Beastmaker 2000 is not a hangboard for beginners, it has been designed with the input of some...
€119.95 Price
Panico Verlag - Rock Warrior - Climbing Book
The strongest muscle is the head. Wolfgang Güllich realised this years ago. The Rock Warrior...
€19.95 Price