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List of products by brand Metolius

Metolius was founded 40 years ago near the Metolius River in Oregon. Back in the 80s the climbing scene was still quiet new and the choice of equipment was quiet limited. Harnesses were not comfortable, carabiners not tested and a lot was not even available which is why a lot of people just manufactured their own gear, and so did Metolius.  

 40 years later they are still in business and amazed at how well the sport of climbing has developed. Metolius also recognized the great dangers associated with mountain sports such as rock fall, untied knots, avalanches etc. and decided to focus on creating the strongest and safest equipment. They do all the testing of the material and gear themselves and if they do not feel 100% safe or have a doubt with the certifications they work with the sanctioning bodies (CE/UIAA) to help re-write the standards. Safety first.