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The philosophy at Wild Country is to utilise the experience of the people ‘on board’ to help design and create gear of the highest quality and highly relevant to the climbers of the day.

Wild Country is al about understanding how/why things work and using this knowledge to design products which advance the game. This mindset allows to us existing products which are essential and adding to the armoury of those operating at the cutting edge. These ideals have been nurtured from the beginning of the company because of the incredible significance on the climbing scene of its first two products, Friends and Rocks. It also because of the inquiring mind of its founder Mark Vallance to seek out new ways and means to make the best gear. It is the job of the present incumbents to keep this going and in some ways to be part of Wild Country is to be a ‘keeper of the torch’ and to make sure British climbing innovation, ideas and ideals remain at the forefront of the world climbing scene. 

“We’re always pushing the limits of what is possible.”