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The story of Rite in the Rain begins when Alec Polson, of the Polson Lumber Company of Washington, posed the following question to Jerry Darling:

“Isn’t there a better way to record the scaling of logs and the tallying of lumber in the inclement Pacific Northwest weather?”

Jerry’s search began...

Rite in the Rain was born in Raymond, WA when a printer by the name of Herbert Buffington connected with Jerry Darling. Herbert had worked with printers who were trying to develop a “painted paper” to replace the tally board.

Jerry was inspired and created a company to produce paper that could stand up to severe weather conditions.

The new coating machine was the only one of its kind, since JL Darling Corp. was the only company in the world making waterproof paper.

For over a century, their all-weather products have proven to be an essential tool for those working and playing outdoors.

Defying Mother Nature since 1916.