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The Brill Bloc is a project to be realised in 2021 and made possible through the cooperation of "Mamer Gemeng" and Casper's Climbing Shop.

The outdoor boulder structure will be build by no other than....Surprise! There will be two bloc's, one for the kids/beginners and one for the more advanced climbers. Routes will be set by professional route-setters and changed on a regular basis. Furthermore, one part of the wall will be reserved for a Moonboard where strong climbers can measure themselves against internationally set boulder problems. Train Hard. Climb Harder!
The Bloc Brill will be free to everyone and open as long as the Parc Brill is. Most likely there will be the possibility to rent climbing shoes and extra crashpads. Make sure to watch out for each other, climbing here is at own risk; please make sure to keep the area clean; in the late evenings please make sure to keep the noise down; brush the holds; and most of all... HAVE FUN and BOULDER HARD.

For more info and to stay updated follow us on Instagram @CaspersClimbingShop & @Bloc_Brill and on Facebook under Bloc Brill and Caspers Climbing Shop.


Bloc Brill


Bloc Brill