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YY Vertical - VerticalBoard Light - Trainingboard

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The Verticalboard Light was designed for climbers looking for an essential and accessible training tool. It offers the climbing training classics: jugs, edges, two phalanges, and 1-phalanx edges (20mm), ideal for starting training!

Having trouble with pull-ups? No problem, this hangboard allows you to attach a band to make exercises easier by offloading weight. (Sold separately)

Too easy? You can upgrade your hangboard by increasing the difficulty by adding Verticalboard magnetic wedges to reduce each depth by 10mm (sold separately).




7 Different grips:

  • Dimensions: 54 x 9 x 5cm

  • Weight: 800g

  • B2B Weight with packaging: 1.55kg

  • Holds: 20mm, 25mm, 45mm

  • Central hold: 40mm

  • Flats: 30°, 20°

  • 2 jugs

  • Holds + Inserts (not included): 10, 15, 35 mm + 20, 30 mm (center)


  • (vbl drawing) x 1

  • (screw drawing) x 6

  • (instruction drawing) x 1


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