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Scarpa - Veloce XXL - Black/Yellow - Climbing Shoes

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The Veloce is a new concept in SCARPA's climbing collection, designed for indoor use with a more spacious toe box for added comfort during long bouldering sessions. It features a new S-72 rubber that provides strong grip on small footholds while maintaining durability. Additionally, the Veloce includes a Medium tension DTS™ active rand for conserving energy, a Relaxed Performance Fit for more toe space and less pressure, a PAF heel system for improved fit and heel hooking, and a Single z-strap closure for easy adjustability. The shoe is ideal for all levels of indoor climbing.



The PAF heel has made it possible for SCARPA to create the Differentiated Tension System (DTS), which allows for different levels of tension to be applied to the inside and outside of the shoe. This technology helps to optimize the intended characteristics of a particular model by transferring power to the big toe and keeping the foot in an ideal position for precise movement. In addition to enhancing power transfer and precision, the DTS also ensures that the shoe maintains its intended shape and climbing abilities throughout its lifespan.

One of the features of SCARPA's climbing shoes is the Relaxed Performance Fit (RPF) Last, which is a new concept in climbing fit and performance. The new FKJ and FKJW lasts have a more rounded toe shape and additional space around the fourth and fifth toes on the lateral side, creating a more relaxed and open toe shape. This increased comfort is particularly beneficial for beginner to intermediate climbers, as well as advanced climbers seeking a more comfortable shoe for extended training sessions. The women's last is specifically designed to accommodate the unique shape of female feet, with a slightly narrower heel and lower volume instep.


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